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13 Weeks Travel was created with you in mind. We are experts at epic, stress-free travel during the school holidays and we are here to help you travel with ease during the School holidays UK.

If you are looking to travel with your family during any of the 13 weeks of school holidays in the UK, we are here to turn your travel dreams to reality.

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Adventure Activities

We have the best kid-friendly activities for you.

Why Book with Us

We have a decade experience travelling with our family. We know that your little ones will love to explore the Tombs of the Kings in Cyprus but will also want to visit the Fissouri Waterpark or build sand castles at Coral Bay Beach. We know this because we are a family too. We will curate the best kid-friendly holiday for you.

Family Owned

We are family owned and understand the needs of families better.
We will only book accommodations that we will personally stay at.

100% Customisable

Tell us about your trip requirement. We'll work together to customise your trip to meet your exact requirement so that you cherish your memories forever.

Sustainable and Responsible Travel Champions

We are passionate about responsible travel and we have designed our Responsible Travel committment to reflect all we are doing to ensure we make significant economic difference to the indigenous people of the places we visit.

No Hidden Charges

There are no surprises and hidden costs with 13 Weeks Travel. Our trips cover exactly what is disccussed and agreed on.

Luxury Escapes Delivered

Book with us today and lets make your travel dreams a reality.

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£1,199£1,00017% Off

Langtang Trek

13 Days - 12 Nights
£2,000£1,80010% Off

Paragliding is Life

15 Days - 14 Nights
£2,000£1,70015% Off

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We offer luxury escapes during school holidays

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